Monday, April 29, 2013

William Shayer Senior

William Shayer Senior (1787-1879) was a painter of rural genre scenes. His son, William Shayer Junior, was also a painter in the same style as his father; sometimes it is hard to tell which one is the artist, so no guarantees that all of these are by WS Sr.

 The Plough Inn

 William Shayer and Edward Charles Williams: The Old Roadside Inn
[this was one of a number of collaborations between Shayer and Williams; 
Williams painted the landscape and Shayer the people]

 A By-lane in the New Forest

 A Gypsy Encampment

 A Halt at the Inn

 A Village Festival (1843)

 At the Bell Inn, Cadnam, New Forest

 Bargaining for the Catch

 Carting Timber in the New Forest

 Drinks at the Crown Inn

 Farmyard Scene

 Fisherfolk on the Hampshire Coast (1839)

 In the New Forest

 Scene Near Zeldkirch in the Tyrol

 The Half Way House, Thatcham

 The Midday Rest

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