Thursday, April 11, 2013

Samuel Bough

Samuel Bough (1822-1878) was an English landscape artist who worked in Scotland for much of his career. Much of his work was done in watercolor.

 A Gaggle of Geese (1856)

 A Highland Village by a River (1849)

 A Windy Day

 At Barncluith, Hamilton (1854)

 Dysart on the Coast, Sunrise

 Cadzow Forest (1851)

 Earlswood Common, Redhill, Surrey

 Going Through the Lock

 A Sunny Day in Iona (1871)

 Fishing at Sunset


 Loading the Catch on the Berwick Coast (1874)

 Helmsley Castle in North Yorkshire

 Newhaven Harbour on the Firth of Forth

 Port Glasgow Harbour (1853)

 Ploughing, with a figure dressed in red entering the field (1854)

 Sunrise overshore, Kirkcaldy

 Snowballing Outside Edinburgh University (1853)

West Wemyss Harbour, Fife (ca. 1877)

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