Friday, April 12, 2013

Thomas Creswick

Thomas Creswick (1811-1869) was an English landscape artist. He seems to have visited America in the 1840s as several of the paintings in this set are of the Hudson River area.

 On the Terrace at Haddon Hall, Derbyshire (1840)

 A View of Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire, with the river in the foreground (1847)

 Boating Party on the River Thames, England

 Bolton Abbey (1851)

 Figures and animals on along a river bank, a cottage and windmill beyond (1849)

 Figures on a Balcony, probably at West Point (ca. 1843)

 On the River Avon

 The Ford

 The Stile (1839)

 The Village Smithy

 Shepherds next to a Brook


View on the Hudson River (ca. 1843)

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