Friday, April 26, 2013


These are paintings by artists who have been featured on this blog before. (I keep finding new works by them.)

 Albert Goodwin: Man Goeth Forth to His Labour Until the Evening (1905)

 Atkinson Grimshaw: Quai de Paris, Rouen (1893)

Benjamin Leader: A Relic of the Past

 Benjamin Leader: A Woodland Path, North Wales

 Benjamin Leader: Spring Cottage with Shepherd and Flock (1896)

 Daniel Maclise: Henry VIII's First Interview with Anne Boleyn (1835)

 Daniel Maclise: Scene from 'Twelfth Night' ('Malvolio and the Countess') (1840)

 David Roberts: The Castle of Alcalá de Guadaíra (1833)

 David Roberts: The Golden Tower (1833)

 Edmund Blair Leighton: The Conquest (1884)

 Edmund Blair Leighton: The Gallant Suitor (1890)

 Edmund Blair Leighton: The Glance that Enchants

 Edmund Blair Leighton: Witness My Act and Seal

Edmund Blair Leighton: Signing the Register

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