Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Joseph Mallord William Turner - Liber Studiorum, ctd

First part here.
East Gate, Winchelsea, Sussex (ca. 1807-08)

 Inveraray Castle and Town, Scotland (ca. 1808)

 Holy Island Cathedral (1806-07)

 Juvenile Tricks (ca. 1808)

 Lauffenbourgh on the Rhine (ca. 1808)

 Moonlight at Sea (The Needles) (ca. 1818)

 Marine Dabblers (ca. 1808)

 Morpeth (1806-07)

 Norham Castle on the Tweed (1806-07)

 Mt St Gothard (1806-07)

 Jason (1806-07)

 Little Devil's Bridge (1806-07)

Martello Towers near Bexhill, Sussex (ca. 1808)

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