Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Richard Ansdell

Richard Ansdell (1815-1885) was an English painter of animals and genre scenes.

 A Spanish Shepherd (1863)

 Caledonian Coursing Meeting (1844)

 Collecting Sheep for Clipping in the Highlands (1881)

 Gamekeeper with Dogs

 Goatherd Looking across the Straits of Gibraltar (1856)

 Hawking (1863)

 Isle of Skye (1856)

 Sheep Gathering in Glen Spean (1872)

 The Crofter's Family

 The Drover's Halt, Island of Mull in the Distance

 The Fight for the Standard (1847)
[depicting an incident at the Battle of Waterloo]
 The Gardener's Daughter (1857)

 The Highland Lassie (1877)

 The Hunted Slaves (1861)

The Vega of Granada Returning from Pastures (1880)

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