Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thomas Edwin Mostyn

Thomas Edwin Mostyn (1864-1930), the son of the artist Edwin Mostyn, studied at the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts. He had his first local exhibition in 1880, and was showing at the Royal Academy by the age of 29.  He is mainly recognized for his romantic garden scenes, although his style was so eclectic throughout his career that it is hard to believe that the same artist created all of his paintings. Many of his earliest works were strongly influenced by the strong anti-"Victorian Materialist" sentiment of his teacher Sir Hubert Von Herkomer (whose school he entered in 1893).  In these works Mostyn depicted the poverty of the working classes in the style of the realists, an effective way of raising social consciousness. [this summary is an excerpt from Rehs Gallery]

 A Fisherman's Daughter
 Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May
King Henry VII Fining the Citizens of Bristol 
Because Their Wives Were So Finely Dressed, 1490
 The Child
The Jeweled Box (1900)

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