Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dog Paintings

The Victorians loved their dogs, and there were a number of artists who specialized in painting them. Here is some of their work.

Arthur Alfred Davis: Working Field Spaniels (ca. 1880)
Arthur Wardle: After the Ball
Arthur Wardle: Champion Greyhound Dee Flint
Arthur Wardle: My Lady's Companion (ca. 1900)
Arthur Wardle: No One Home
Arthur Wardle: No Trespassing
Arthur Wardle: Rabbiting
Arthur Wardle: Terriers on the Scent
Arthur Wardle: Three Terriers on the Scent
Arthur Wardle: Two English Setters on a Grouse Moor (1903)
Arthur Wardle: Waiting for Master (1885)
John Emms: Beagles - Fathers of the Pack
John Emms: Char
John Emms: Foxhounds and a Terrier
John Emms: Foxhounds and Terrier in a Stable Interior (1878)
John Emms: St. Bernards - To the Rescue
John Emms: Zoe (1896)
Maud Earl: Champion Old Hall Beatrice (1888)
Maud Earl: Field Spaniel (ca. 1890)
Maud Earl: Portrait of a Great Dane
Maud Earl: The Pot Boilers
William Henry Hunt: Yorkshire Terriers 'Alexander & Diogenes' (ca. 1850)

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