Monday, July 1, 2013

Augustus Leopold Egg

Augustus Leopold Egg (1816-1863) was a Victorian painter of genre and historical scenes. He seems to have had a fondness for depicting scenes from Shakespeare.

 Charles I Raising his Standard at Nottingham (1852)
 Feria at Seville (1848-60)
 Girl Making a Bouquet of Flowers (1849)
 Launce's Substitute for Proteus' Dog (1849)
 Portrait of the artist William Powell Frith (1850)
 Queen Elizabeth Discovers she is no longer Young (1848)
 Scene from 'The Devil upon Two Sticks' (1844)
 Scene from 'The Winter's Tale' (1845)
 The Life of Buckingham (1855)
 The Death of Buckingham (1855)
The Dinner Scene from 'Taming of the Shrew' (1860)
 The Love Letter
 The Opera Mantle (1851)
 The Toilet
 The Traveling Companions (1862)

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