Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sigismund Christian Hubert Goetze

Sigismund Christian Hubert Goetze (1866-1939). Despite the name, this painter was British-born. He entered the Royal Academy Schools in 1885. From 1888 he exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy and at the Paris Salon. Goetze established a successful practice as a portrait and figure painter, later turning to landscape work. 

 The Ever Open Door (1906)
 Thy Voice is like to Music heard ere Birth/Some Spirit-Lute touched on a Spirit Sea (1902)
 Til Death Do Us Part (1910)
 Venus Visits Vulcan (1909)
 Vox Humana...Hear, Nature, Hear! (1903)
Zouaves. Portrait of Francis and Philip Mond, sons of Emile Mond (1904)

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