Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Frank Holl

Francis Montague Holl (1845-1888), better known as Frank, specialized in genre paintings and social realism. He apparently had a fan in Van Gogh.

 Despair (1881)
 Discipline and Dissipation
 Faces in the Fire (1863-67)
[I love that this shows only the girl and not the fire - inviting the imagination]
 Far Away Thoughts
 Gone (ca. 1877)
 Her Firstborn, Horsham Churchyard (1876)
 Newgate - Committed for Trial (1878)
 No Tidings from the Sea (1870)
 Ordered to the Front (1880)
 Peeling Potatoes (ca. 1880)
 Portrait of a Young Girl Holding a Pet Rabbit (1882)
 Sir John Walter Huddleston (1888)
 Sir William Schwenck Gilbert (1886)
[this is the Gilbert of 'Gilbert and Sullivan']
 The Lord Gave and the Lord Hath Taketh Away, Blessed Be the Name of the Lord (1868)
The Song of the Shirt (1874)

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