Thursday, September 19, 2013

Women Painters

Here are some paintings by Victorian women.

 Annie Simpson: A Snack with the Chickens (1894)
 Charlotte Babb: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (1881)
 Dora Noyes: Haymaking on Salisbury Plain (1912)
 Dora Noyes: Monday Morning
 Edith Hayllar: A Summer Shower
[and here's another of the Hayllar sisters]
 Elizabeth Armstrong Forbes: School is Out (1899)
 Ellen Clacy: A Chapel Interior with an Elegant Lady Playing the Virginal (1874)
 Ellen Clacy: Lady Betty Germain's China Closet (1880)
 Ellen Ladell: A Taxidermy Arrangement of Birds under a Glass Dome 
on a Book, a Bouquet of Flowers in an Earthenware Vase on a Ledge
 Ellen Ladell: Still Life of Grapes, Raspberries and a Pear
 Ellen Ladell: Still Life with Flowers
Henrietta Rae: The Sirens (1903)

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