Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Joseph Thors

Joseph Thors (?1835-1900) was a landscape artist. Relatively little is known about his life though he was recorded as living and working in London, then Birmingham - he also travelled for a while in France. He exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, British Institution, and Society of British Artists in London, and was also exhibited in Birmingham between 1869-1900.

Thors is regarded as belonging to the to the Birmingham school though his style is of the Norwich school which he admired. He painted in oils, his work depicting peaceful English rustic scenes featuring landscapes, cottages, people and animals. He also painted river scenes and occasionally coastlines.

 A Country Path (attributed to Thors)
 Near Yardley (attributed to Thors)
 A Fallen Oak in a Landscape
 Bradford Barn, a View Near Leamington
 Country scene, rustics by a river and a cottage
 Figures on a track, near Nottingham
 Rustic Scene
 Rustics on a Track before a Windmill
View Near Dawlish

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