Saturday, September 21, 2013

Valentine Cameron Prinsep

 Medea the Sorceress (1880)
 Mrs Oliver Ormerod Walker, née Jane Harrison (ca. 1860)
 My Lady Betty (ca. 1864)
 Portrait of Lillie Langtry (1879)
[she was really famous in her day]
 Promenade through the Honeysuckle
 Queen Victoria (1887)
 The Flower Seller
 The Gamekeeper's Daughter (1875)
 The Goose Girl (1900)
 The Handmaidens of Sivawara Preparing the Sacred Bull at Tanjore for a Festival
 The Mandolin Player
 The Queen was in the Parlour, Eating Bread and Honey (1860)
Unprofessional Beauty (1885)

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