Sunday, September 15, 2013

Maritime Painting

Because Britain was the world's pre-eminent maritime power in the 19th century, it was natural for maritime art to be a popular genre of painting.

 Colin Hunter (1841-1904): Hauling in the Nets at Sunset
 David James (1853-1904): Low Tide, the Cornish Coast (1887)
 Edwin Hayes (1819-1904): After the Storm, the Irish Coast (1871)
 George Clarkson Stanfield (1828-1878): The Battle of Trafalgar, 21st October 1805
 Henry King Taylor (1799-1868): Shipping in a Heavy Swell in the Channel off Dover
 Henry King Taylor: View of St. Aubin's Fort, St. Aubin's Bay, Jersey
 Henry Moore (1831-1895): Light Airs at Sunset (1870-73)
 Henry Redmore (1820-1888): Luggers and other commercial traffic in a calm off Whitby (1871)
John Scougall: On the Thames at Westminster

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