Friday, September 20, 2013

Benjamin Leader

Here's another set from the king of Victorian landscape art.

 Title not known (1908)
 A Fine Autumn Day at Interlaken
 A Gleam Before the Storm (1901)
 On the Sands, Towyn (1890)
 On the Welsh Coast near Towyn (1917)
 Parting Day, 'The weary sun has made a golden set, 
And, by the bright track of the fiery car, Gives token of a goodly day tomorrow' (1883)
 Streatley Church from the Thames (1874)
 Streatley on Thames (1874)
 The Weald of Surrey (1901)
 The Wetterhorn from above Rosenlani (1889)
Sunshine After Rain (1882)

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  1. Great paintings. Nice to see them all in one place. I have admired the "Parting Day" painting for a long time and decided to look for more paintings by Benjamin Leader. Glad I found your blog. Thanks!