Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Joseph Mallord William Turner - Liber Studiorum, ctd

Previous postings of Turner's Liber Studiorum here and here.

 Peat Bog, Scotland (1806-07)

 Pembury Mill, Kent (1806-07)

 Rivaulx Abbey (1806-07)

 Ships in a Breeze (The Egremont Sea Piece) (1806-07)

 St Catherine's Hill near Guildford (ca. 1808)

 Tenth Plague of Egypt (ca. 1806-07)

 The Crypt of Kirkstall Abbey (1806-07)

 The Farm-Yard with the Cock (1806-07)

 The Source of the Arveron (ca. 1812-15)

 Ville de Thun (1806-07)

 Woman and Tambourine (1806-07)

Young Anglers (ca. 1808)

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