Monday, May 20, 2013

William Henry...

 William Henry Hamilton Trood: Pups' Slumber (1890)

 William Henry Knight: Knuckle Down (1857)

 William Henry Knight: Rivals to Blondin (1862)
[Charles Blondin was a French acrobat and tightrope walker.]

 William Henry Knight: Hide and Seek (1860)

 William Henry Knight: The Broken Window (1855)

 William Henry Knight: The Last Change

 William Henry Knight: The Young Artist (1861)

 William Henry Knight: The Youngest Child

 William Henry Midwood: In Disgrace (1871)

 William Henry Midwood: Rustic Courtship
[doesn't look like she's buying it]
 William Henry Midwood: The Music Lesson

William Henry Midwood: The Potter

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