Friday, May 24, 2013


Another posting of works by previously featured artists.

 Edwin Longsden Long: Jephthah’s Vow (The Martyr) (1885)

 George Elgar Hicks: The Goldfinch (1875)

 George Vicat Cole: A River in Wales

 John Callcott Horsley: Showing a Preference (1860)

 John Callcott Horsley: The Waiting Maid (1875)

 Maria Spartali Stillman: Blossom

 Robert Alexander Hillingford: Gifts for the War Chest

 Sir Joseph Noel Paton: Dionysus and Sea Nymphs (1853)

 William Powell Frith: Charles Dickens (1859)

 William Powell Frith: The Fair Toxophilites (1872)

William Powell Frith: The Rejected Poet: Alexander Pope and Lady Mary Wortley (1863)

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