Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Heywood Hardy

Heywood Hardy (1842-1933) was an English painter of rural sporting scenes and the life of the country gentry. His father, James Hardy, was a respected landscape artist.

 A Meeting by the Stile

 A Ride by the Sea

 Changing Horses

 Changing the Horses

 Colonel And Mrs Wyndham Murray

 Corn Stooks by Bray Church (1872)

 Hacking to the Meet

 Hounds First, Gentlemen, Hounds First

 Lady and Gentleman on Horseback by a Blacksmith's Forge

 Noonday, Taking a Horse to Water (1877)

 Off to the Market (1908)

 On the Road to Gretna Green

 Pleasant Company (1906)

 Poverty and Privilege

The Aviary

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  1. How do you know the name of your Heywood Hardy painting? I have one that I believe is an original but cannot find anything about it online.