Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Louis Haghe

Belgian-born Louis Haghe (1806-1855) was a watercolorist and lithographer.

 Fighting his Battles Over Again (1849)
 Prince Albert in costume for the 1745 Fancy Ball
 The Ballroom, Buckingham Palace, 17 June 1856
 The Fancy Ball at Buckingham Palace, 17 June 1856
 The Great Exhibition: Moving Machinery (1851)
The Medieval Court of the Great Exhibition of 1851
The remaining images were published in Haghe's Portfolio of Sketches Drawn in Belgium and Germany, published in 1850 by Thomas McLean.
 Ancient Bourse, Antwerp
 Brewers Corporation Room, Antwerp
 Chapel of Sainte Gertrude, Nivelles
 Sacristy, Church of Notre Dame, Treves
 Tomb de Lalaing, Hoogstract
Town Hall, Brussels, Belgium

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