Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Charles Spencelayh

Charles Spencelayh (1865-1958) was a painter of genre scenes and portraits. In later years he focused largely on domestic scenes depicting old men. Although he painted well into the 20th century, his roots were in Victorian times.

 A Winter Traveler (1895)
 Always Busy
 Behind the Screen
 [what is elevenses?]
 Helping Mother (1899)
 Kitty Spencelayh (1893)
[I'm perplexed too - what's the story here?]
 Rochester Castle (1895)
 She Stoops to Conquer
[there's something rather creepy about this one...]
 Snodland Ferry, Kent (1893)
 That Damned Cat
 The Morning Chapter
 The Old Dealer (The Old Curiosity Shop)
 The Penny Whistle
Who Dies if England Live (1914)
[propaganda doesn't get more blatant than this]


  1. Re: what is elevenses?

    A traditional, mostly upper-class, British snack between breakfast and lunch served at 11 am.

  2. Hello: The story in the "Perplexed" picture is that the donkey has decided to stop walking. "Stubborn as a donkey" is drawn from real life. They could flog the beastie but that hardly fits with gathering Christmas greenery.