Friday, March 21, 2014

Linnie Watt

Linnie Watt (1875-1908) was best known for her delicate paintings on china. Here is a take on her work from a contemporary: "The last English artist I can mention here is Miss Linnie Watt, whose dainty pictures of English country, enlivened with not less charming English figures of girls or children, remind one (with a difference) of the delicate water-colours of Mrs. Allingham. Much that is characteristic of the tender beauty of woodland and meadow she has learnt how to suggest with a simple expressive touch specially suited to her materials and the decorative character of her work. I would have named her amongst the artists of landscape but for her figures, and amongst the figure-painters but for her landscapes. But it is impossible to divorce one from the other, for the figures are not "introduced," but seem to form an organic part of her conceptions." (Cosmo Monkhouse, "The Royal Academy of China-Painting," The Magazine of Art, 1884, p. 249)

 A Student of Nature (1877)
[either this date is wrong or her birth date is wrong; no matter how talented,
she couldn't have painted this when she was two!]
 A Woodland Walk
 Children in a Farmyard
[my title; original is unknown]
 Dutch Street Scene (ca. 1886)
 Painted Faience Plaque (ca. 1890)
St Margaret's Bay, Kent

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  1. 1875 Is not her year of birth. It is unknown. All we know is her dates of exhibition (also written as fl or flourished). So: Linnie Watt (British painter) fl. 1874 - 1908