Wednesday, January 9, 2013


 Alexander Nasmyth: A View of Tantallon Castle (ca. 1816)

 Alfred Glendening: Haymaking and A River Scene

 Andrew Maccallum: Silvery Moments, Burnham Beeches (1885)

 Bonomi Edward Warren: In the Shady Beechwoods

 Alfred De Breanski Sr: An Evening Glow at Dunkeld

 Edward Theodore Compton: Sorrento Near Capri

 George Turner: Monsal Dale, Derbyshire (1879)

David Cox: Rhyl Sands (ca. 1854)

   David Cox: A Windy Day (1850)

 David Cox: River Scene with Boys Fishing

Edmund Gill: Falls in the Clyde Corry Lynn (1866)

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