Thursday, January 10, 2013

Alfred Glendening

Alfred Glendening (1861-1907) was primarily a landscape painter.

A Surrey Lane (1876)

 Across the Meadow (1895)

 Faraway Thoughts (1887)
[I'm guessing she's supposed to be thinking of somebody 
who's on the steamship just barely visible on the horizon.]

 Cattle Watering by a Loch

 Haymaking and a River Scene

 Hemingford on the Ouse

 Harvest Time (1889)

 Millpond (1901)

 Resting From the Harvest

Returning From Confirmation (1900)
 River Scene with Swans (1904)

 Sheep on a Hillside Path (1908)

 Llyn Gwynant, Snowdonia

Flower Market in a French Town (1899)

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  1. So nice to see these wonderful pictures! However several are by Alfred Glendening Junior e.g. the lady holding bulrushes (a watercolour) and the Lady reading by the Sea (an oil on canvas, the market scene (image 14) and the young ladies leaving communion are all by Alfred Glendening Junior. All of the other works are by his father, Alfred Augustus Glendening.