Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Archer and Collinson

Here's some art by a couple of Pre-Raphaelite painters to start the new year.

 James Archer: La Mort d'Arthur (1860)

 James Archer: Longing (1869)

 James Archer: Merlin and Lancelot, an Incident from 'La Morte d'Arthur' (1871)

 James Arche: Summertime, Gloustershire (1860)

 James Archer: The Adoration

 James Archer: The Fair Beauty and the Dark One (1874)

 James Archer: Which Hand Will You Take?

 James Collinson: Home Again (1856)

 James Collinson: Organ Grinder with Dog

 James Collinson: Renunciation of Queen Elizabeth Hungary (1850)

 James Collinson: The Emigration Scheme (1852)

 James Collinson: The Empty Purse (1857)
James Collinson: The Writing Lesson (1855)

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