Friday, January 18, 2013

An Avalanche of Alfreds

OK, I'm really reaching with the alliteration on this one, I know. But never mind, it's the paintings that are important...

 Alfred Barron Clay: The Return of Charles II in 1660 (1867)

 Alfred Edward Emslie: Dinner at Haddo House (1884)

 Alfred Benjamin Cole: In Arundel Park (ca. 1900)

 Alfred Elmore: On the Brink (1865)
 The Wikipedia entry for Elmore says this about the above painting: "Elmore's best-known work is On the Brink (1865; Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge), a moral genre painting depicting a young woman who has lost her money gambling, and is 'on the brink' of responding to the blandishments of a seducer, who is depicted as a Satan-like figure, luridly bathed in red light, and whispering corrupting thoughts in her ear."

 Alfred Elmore: Much Ado About Nothing (1846)

 Alfred Elmore: The Emperor Charles V at the Convent of Yuste (1856)

 Alfred Montague: Eton College from the River

 Alfred Morgan: One of the People (Gladstone in an Omnibus) (1885)

Alfred East: Amberly Bridge

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