Friday, February 14, 2014

William Mulready

William Mulready (1786-1863) was an Irish genre painter. He is best known for his romanticizing depictions of rural scenes, and for creating Mulready stationery letter sheets.

 A Lock Gate (1810)
 Academy Study (1842)
 An Old Gable (1830)
 Cargill and Touchwood (1831)
[These are characters from Sir Walter Scott's St. Ronan's Well.]
 Crossing the Ford (1842)
 Fair Time (Returning from the Ale-House) (1809)
[interesting story behind this painting]
 Othello (1840-63)
 [as portrayed by the African-American actor Ira Aldridge
Study of a Seated Female Nude, Seen From Behind
 The Child Sitter
 The Last In (1835)
 The Rattle (1808)
 The Sonnet (1839)
The Young Brother (1857)
 A Snow Scene (attributed to William Mulready)

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