Friday, November 22, 2013

Paul Falconer Poole

Paul Falconer Poole (1806-1879) was a genre and history painter.

 A Daily Chore
 Arlète, a Peasant Girl of Falaise in Normandy, First Discovered by Duke Robert le Diable (1848)
 Crossing the Heath, Windy Day (1836)
 Crossing the Stream
 Girl with a Pitcher (1840s)
 Greek Shepherd and Maiden by a Well
 Soloman Eagle Exhorting the People to Repentance, during the Plague of the Year 1665 (1843)
 The Rugged Path (1851)
Visitation and Surrender of Syon Nunnery to the Commissioners, 1539 (1846)

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