Thursday, November 14, 2013

Charles Cooper Henderson

Charles Cooper Henderson (1803-1877) seems to have focused on painting stagecoaches.

 A Paris Diligence
 Changing Horses for the London Mail Coach
 Changing Horses to a Post-Chaise outside the 'George' Posting-house (ca. 1830-40)
 Mail Coach in a Snowstorm (ca. 1835-40)
 Mail Coaches on the Road - the 'Quicksilver' Devonport-London 
Royal Mail about to Start with a New Team (1820-30)
 The London to Louth Mail Coach on an Open Road
The Louth-London Royal Mail Coach

1 comment:

  1. I have a painted copy of the Posted-Chaise
    Outside the "George"
    Posting house. It was originally by Charles Cooper Henderson
    I'm not sure who painted this copy. This is my guess through reading about it. Any knowledge you can share would be great and how would I price something like this ?