Friday, November 29, 2013

John Evan Hodgson

John Evan Hodgson (1831-1895) painted Orientalist and genre scenes. He was born in London but spent much of his youth in Russia. Though trained to work in the family business (a counting house), after reading Ruskin's Modern Painters the lure of art was strong enough that he determined to become a painter. Hodgson entered the Royal Academy Schools, and one of his first exhibited works at the Royal Academy was The First Sight of the Armada. Historical subjects were his main output until 1869, when a visit to Africa converted him to Orientalist paintings.

 Army Reorganisation in Morocco (1872)
 The French Naturalist in Algiers (1879)
 The Snake Charmer
[painting is dated but illegibly on this image]
 A Philharmonic Rehearsal in a Farmhouse
 Loot, ‘One touch of nature makes the whole world kin’ (1878)

Portrait of John Evan Hodgson by William Ouless (1884)

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