Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Maritime art

 Augustus Walford Weedon: Off to the Fishing Grounds (1895)
 Ebenezer Colls: HMS Endymion rescuing a French two-decker, 1803-05
 John Wilson Carmichael: A Breezy Day off Flamborough Head, Yorkshire (1861)
 John Wilson Carmichael: A large Second Rate, probably H.M.S. Asia, 
passing through local small craft off Gibraltar (1858)
 John Wilson Carmichael: Coastal Traffic before Bamburgh Castle 
on the Northumberland Coast (1850s)
 John Wilson Carmichael: Shipping in a Flat Calm off the Dutch coast (1867)
 Samuel Austin: Fishermen unloading the catch at low tide (1831)
Thomas Luny: Warships and a cutter in a heavy swell off Harwich (1818)
Thomas Rose Miles: Morning, Whitby Harbour
Thomas Rose Miles: Storm driven, off Scarborough
William Adolphus Knell: Fishing Boats in a Calm (1859)
William Adolphus Knell: Indiamen in the Thames
William Adolphus Knell: Shipping off the Coast of Kent
William Callcott Knell: Fishermen drying their sails at the end of the day, 
Royal Navy two-deckers Anchored Beyond (1862)
William Thornley: A Misty Morning on the Thames

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