Tuesday, October 15, 2013

James Stephanoff

James Stephanoff (1788-1874) was the son of a Russian stage designer who settled in London. Stephanoff became the official 'Historical Painter in Watercolours' to King William IV (reigned 1830-37). These paintings of royal residences remind me of these by a Russian artist; perhaps the fact that Stephanoff was of Russian extraction accounts for the similarity?

 Buckingham House, East Library
 Buckingham House, Octagon Library (1818)
 Buckingham House, The Queen’s Breakfast Room (1817)
 Buckingham House, the Saloon (1818)
 Buckingham House, the Staircase (1818)
 Falstaff at Herne's Oak, from "The Merry Wives of Windsor," Act V, Scene v (1832)
 Hampton Court Palace, Throne Room (1818)
 Kensington Palace, Old Drawing Room (1818)
 Kensington Palace, Presence Chamber (1816)
 St James's Palace, the Kitchen (1819)
 The Banquet of Henry VIII in York Place (Whitehall Palace) (1832)
 The Second Presence Chamber, Hampton Court
 Windsor Castle, King's Drawing Room (1817)
 Windsor Castle, Kitchen
Windsor Castle, The Queen’s State Bedchamber (1818)

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