Tuesday, June 4, 2013

William Stott of Oldham

William Stott (1857-1900) always signed his works as "William Stott of Oldham" to distinguish himself from fellow English painter Edward Stott. He worked for a time in France and even received tutelage from the great French painter Jean-Léon Gêrome. His later works were much influenced by Impressionism.

 Autumn (1898)

 Bathing (ca. 1882)

Girl in a Meadow (1880)

 The Ferry (ca. 1882)
Venus Born of the Sea Foam (1887)
 [It seems that Stott and fellow painter James Abbott McNeil Whistler
were great friends - until Stott painted this using Whistler's mistress
as the model.  Whistler was not amused.]

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