Monday, June 17, 2013

Sir William Quiller Orchardson

Sir William Quiller Orchardson (1832-1910) was a Scottish artist who specialized in genre scenes and portraits.

 Dolce Far Niente (1872)
["dolce far niente" is Italian for "pleasant idleness"]
 Enigma (1891)
[presumably another of those "women are a huge mystery" paintings]
 Her First Dance (1884)
 Her Mother's Voice (exhibited 1888)
 Master Baby (1886)
 'Music when soft voices die, vibrates in the memory' (Shelley)
 Napoleon on Board the Bellerophon (1880)
 Rejected (1881)

 The First Cloud (1887)
 The Story of a Life (1866)
 The Young Duke (1889)
Wishart's Last Exhortation (1853)

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