Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Stones

Frank and Marcus, not Rolling...these two were father and son.

 Frank Stone: Friendship Endangered (1858)

 Frank Stone: Plotting Mischief
 Marcus Stone: A Stolen Kiss (1894)

 Marcus Stone: An Appeal for Mercy, 1793 (1876)
[this appears to portray an incident in the French Revolution]
 Marcus Stone: Married for Love (1882)
 Marcus Stone: My Lady is a Widow and Childless

 Marcus Stone: On The Road From Waterloo To Paris (1863)
 Marcus Stone: Reading Outdoors with Dog (1900)

 Marcus Stone: The Awakening (1882)

Marcus Stone: The Royal Nursery, 1538

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  1. Re: Marcus Stone: Reading Outdoors with Dog (1900)

    That "dog" seems to be cunningly disguised as a cat.