Friday, February 22, 2013

Frederick Morgan

Frederick Morgan (1856-1927) was best known for his idyllic scenes of children and rural life. And when I say idyllic - oh, boy, there's hardly a frown to be seen anywhere!

 An Apple Gathering (1880)

 A Father's Return


 His First Birthday (1899)

 Dainty Fares (1905)

 Merry as the Day is Long (1882)

 Milk for the Calves (1883)

 Not Far to Go

 Not of the Fold

 Off for the Honeymoon

 A Testing Question (1892)

Midday Rest (1879)

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  1. Thanks for documenting this. I inherited an early print of 'His First Birthday'. I didn't know anything about the picture or the artist. It only has sentimental value but I am now having it framed.