Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Carlton Alfred Smith

Carlton Alfred Smith (1853-1946) was an English genre painter.

 A Quiet Moment

At the Garden Gate

 Blowing Bubbles (1897)

 Between the Lights

 Dolly's Portrait (1910)

 Getting Ready (1889)

 In the Corner (1883)

 Playtime (1905)

 Recalling the Past (1888)

 Storytime (1897)

 The Hat Makers (1891)

 The Love Letter (1900)

 The New Arrival (1885)

 The New Baby (1885)

 The Young Readers (1893)

 Three Children and a Dog Beside a Scottish Croft (1878)
[this "title" is a description from an auction site, not the actual title (as far as I know)]

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