Friday, December 14, 2012

William Etty

William Etty (1787-1849) was best known for his paintings of nudes (one of the few English painters of his era to specialize in this particular subject).

 Bather Turned to the Right

 Britomart Redeems Faire Amoret (1833)
[depicting an incident from The Fairie Queene]


 Hero, Having Thrown herself from the Tower 
at the Sight of Leander Drowned, Dies on his Body (1829)

 Louisa Vaughan

 Miss Mary Arabella Jay (1819)

 Musidora, The Bather 'At the Doubtful Breeze Alarmed' (ca. 1846)

 Seated Female Nude

 Standing Female Nude (ca. 1835-40)

 Standing Female Nude with Helmet (ca. 1835-40)

Study of a female nude, from behind

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