Friday, December 7, 2012

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

This is the last of my Alma-Tadema paintings.

 A Silent Greeting (1889)

 The Frigidarium (1890)

 The Parting Kiss (1882)

 The Sculpture Gallery (1874)

 The Soldier of Marathon

 The Tale from Homer (also called A Reading from Homer) (1885)

 The Tepidarium (1881)

 The Triumph of Titus (1885)

 The Vintage Festival (1887)

 The Way to the Temple (1882)

 This is Our Corner (1873)

 Thou Rose of all the Roses (1883)

 Tibullus at Delia's House (1866)

 Unconscious Rivals (1893)

 Under the Roof of Blue Ionian Weather (1903)

 Venantius Fortunatus Reading His Poems to Radegonda VI (1862)

Women of Amphissia (1887)

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