Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Frank Cadogan Cowper

Frank Cadogan Cowper (1877-1958) was an English painter, described as the "Last of the Pre-Raphaelites". Although painting well into the 20th century, his work remained stylistically true to the 19th century Pre-Raphaelite vision.

 Fair Rosamund and Queen Eleanor (1920)

 La Belle Dame Sans Merci (1926)
[A favorite subject of Pre-Raphaelite painters. Based on the poem by Keats.]

 Lucretia Borgia Reigns in the Vatican in the Absence of Pope Alexander VI (1908)

 Molly, Duchess of Nona (1905)

 Our Lady of the Fruits of the Earth (1917)

 Saint Francis of Assisi and the Heavenly Melody

 St. Agnes in Prison Receiving from Heaven the 'Shining White Garment' (1905)

 The Blue Bird (1918)

 The Damsel of the Lake, Called Nimue the Enchantress (1924)

 Vanity (1907)

Lancelot slays the Caitiff Knight Sir Tarquin and rescues the fair lady and the knight in captivity

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  1. "Duchess of Nona" looks like a pendant to Titian's "Man with a Blue Sleeve", but the Cowper's colouring is, of course, brighter and his character's clothing more detailed.

    Very intetresting blog, by the way - a rich source of new discoveries in art.