Thursday, January 2, 2014

J is for James

 James Alexander Walker: Engagement Near St Cloud
 James Alexander Walker: Napoleon Watching the Battle of Friedland, 1807
 James Alexander Walker: The Fray of Battle
 James Clark: A School Class (1861)
 James Collinson: Answering the Emigrant's Letter
 James Collinson: Mother and Child by a Stile, with Culver Cliff, 
Isle of Wight in the Distance (ca. 1849-1850)
 James David Smillie: On the Boquet, Elizabethtown
 James Dromgole Linton: Queen Elizabeth of Hungary and the Court Painter (ca. 1910)
 James Edgar: Dr Guthrie on a Mission of Mercy (1862)
 James Jackson Curnock: Milking Time, Talsarnau, North Wales (1880)
 James Lobley: Little Nell leaving the Church (The Old Curiosity Shop) (1867)
James McLachlan Nairn: Kildonan (1886)

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