Friday, August 2, 2013

Richard Parkes Bonington

Richard Parkes Bonington (1802-1828) was an English painter, mostly of landscapes, who worked in France for most of his (unfortunately very brief) career.

 A Cutter and Other Shipping in a Breeze (1827-28)
 A Scene on the French Coast (ca. 1825)
 A Wooded Lane (ca. 1825)
 Barges on a River (1826)
 Beach Scene (ca. 1825)
 Beached Vessels and a Wagon, near Trouville, France (ca. 1825)
 Boats near Shore, Normandy
 Corso Sant'Anastasia, Verona (1828)
 Fishmarket (ca. 1824)
 Grand Canal, Venice (1826)
 Henri III and Don Juan of Austria (ca. 1828)
["Don Juan of Austria"?]
La Ferté (ca. 1825)

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