Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lucien Davis

Lucien Davis (1860-1941) was a Victorian artist whose work is best known in the form of illustrations. These works - great genre pieces all - show a different side of Victorian society than is generally seen.

 A Christmas Dance - The Lancers (1889)

 Afternoon in Hyde Park - Waiting to See the Princess of Wales and Her Daughters

 Christmas Day (1900)

 Christmas Eve and... (1900)

 Christmas Festivities - Rehearsing a Tableau (1891)

 No Admittance Except on Business (1885)

 Garden Party in Honor of the Shah at Hatfield House, Seat of the Marquis of Salisbury (ca. 1889)

 Hyde Park on Sunday (1888)

 Lady Cricketers - A Good Catch (1889)

 Members of a Ladies' Hockey Club at play (1894)

New Year's Festivities - The Cotillion

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