Thursday, March 14, 2013

Charles Martin Hardie

Charles Martin Hardie (1858-1916) was a Scottish painter who did landscapes, genre scenes and portraits.

 'For my vestments they did cast lots' (1895)

 A shepherd and sheepdog resting in a moorland river landscape (1886)

 Andrew Stewart, Editor of 'The People's Friend' (1895)

 Curling at Carsebreck (1899)

 East Lothian Coastline Looking West

 Friendly Critics (1882-83)

 Interior, Ancrum

 Julius Charles Drewe (1905)

 Mrs. Julius Drewe (1902)

 Mary Drewe in the Garden at Wadhurst Hall, East Sussex

 Sir Walter Scott Finding the Manuscript of Waverley in an Attic (1890)

 William Grant Stevenson (1893)

 The Studio Mirror (1898)

 Second Lieutenant Edward Younger, 16th Queen’s Own Lancers (ca. 1901)

 The Meeting of Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott at Sciennes Hill House (1893)

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  1. Date for Julius Charles Drewe painting is 1902, the same year as that of his wife.