Monday, October 15, 2012

Joseph Mallord William Turner, ctd

The Battle of Trafalgar (1805)

 The Blue Rigi: Lake of Lucerne, Sunrise (1841)

 The Bright Stone of Honor (Ehrenbrietstein) and the Tomb of Marceau (1835)
[from Lord Byron's "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage"]

 The Brunig Pass, from Meringen, Switzerland (1847-48)

 The Burning of the House of Lords and Commons (1835)

 The Decline of the Carthaginian Empire (1817)

 The Devil's Bridge, St. Gothard (1803-04)

 The Evening Star (ca. 1830)

The Exile and the Snail
[There have been many depictions of Napoleon in art. 
I don't think any can match this one for sheer scornfulness.]

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