Tuesday, October 16, 2012

George Vicat Cole

George Vicat Cole (1833-1893) was an English landscape painter. Thanks to Tim Barringer for corrections to mistaken attributions, as a result of which some paintings have been removed from this page.

Gathering Firewood (1860)

 Leaves are but the Wings on which the Summer Flies (1879)

 Near Borrowdale, Cumberland

 Richmond Hill, London (1875)

 The Hayrick (1886)

 The Hop Gardens (1862)

Watching the Flock
(copy of a work by George Vicat Cole)


  1. A Busy Day at the Forge; Landscape - Harvest Time (1865); Staveton Bridge, Devon; The Harvesters (1881); The Last Load (1865) ARE NOT BY GEORGE VICAT COLE. THEY ARE BY HIS FATHER, GEORGE COLE (1810-1883).  August Days (1881) and Figures in a Summer Landscape (1879) ARE WRONGLY ATTRIBUTED: THEY ARE NOT BY GEORGE VICAT COLE OR GEORGE COLE. Watching the Flock is a badly damaged copy of a work by GEORGE VICAT COLE called HEART OF SURREY. It is not an autograph work by GEORGE VICAT COLE. Please amend your website! I am happy to discuss. Timothy.BArringer@yale.edu author "The Cole Family"

    1. Thank you, Tim. I have made corrections by deleting the wrongly attributed paintings. Best regards.