Wednesday, April 9, 2014


 Aster Corbould: Ferreting
 Aster Corbould: Thro the Wood (1862)
 Augustus Barnett Stewart: Monks and Other Figures, Syracuse (1880)
 Benjamin Evans Ward: London Flower Girls, Piccadilly Circus (1895)
 Bernard Walter Evans: Fountains Abbey
 Bonomi Edward Warren: Sportsman and dog on a wooded path
 Bonomi Edward Warren: Woodland Scene in Summer with Children on a Path (1871)
[he appears to have painted the same tree in both paintings]
Carlton Alfred Grant: The Fairy Circle (1895)

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  1. The "Woodland Scene in Summer..." signed by Bonomi Edward Warren is interesting. It's not only the same tree, but also the shadows. Many plants didn't move at all. The painting is a nice and interesting variaton of the "Sportsman..."