Thursday, September 6, 2012

Female Pre-Raphaelites

 Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale: Guinevere

 Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale: The Deceitfulness of Riches (1901)

 Evelyn De Morgan: Earthbound (1897)

 Evelyn De Morgan: Flora (1880)

 Evelyn De Morgan: Hope in the Prison of Despair (1887)

 Evelyn De Morgan: Our Lady of Peace (1907)

 Evelyn De Morgan: Queen Eleanor and Fair Rosamund (1905)

 Evelyn De Morgan: The Love Potion (1903)

 Evelyn De Morgan: The World's Wealth (The Crown of Glory) (1896)

 Rosa Brett: Study of Two Rabbits

Rosa Brett: The Hay Loft (1858)

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