Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ford Madox Brown - The Manchester Murals

The PreRaphaelite painter Ford Madox Brown painted a series of murals in the Manchester Town Hall; these are collectively known as the Manchester Murals and portray a series of scenes from the history of Manchester. They were begin in 1879 and completed in 1893.

I would have liked to see one additional one: the Founding of Manchester United :-)

 Manchester Murals 1, The Romans Building a Fort at Mancenion

 Manchester Murals 2, The Baptism of Edwin

 Manchester Murals 3, The Expulsion of the Danes from Manchester

 Manchester Murals 4, The Establishment of Flemish Weavers in Manchester, A.D. 1363

 Manchester Murals 5, The Trial of Wycliffe, A.D. 1377

 Manchester Murals 6, The Proclamation regarding Weights and Measures, A.D. 1556

 Manchester Murals 7, Crabtree watching the Transit of Venus, A.D. 1639

 Manchester Murals 8, Chetham's Life's Dream, A.D. 1640

Manchester Murals 9, Bradshaw's Defence of Manchester, A.D. 1642

 Manchester Murals 10, John Kay, Inventor of the Fly Shuttle, A.D. 1753

 Manchester Murals 11, The Opening of the Bridgewater Canal, A.D. 1761

Manchester Murals 12, Dalton collecting Marsh-Fire Gas

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